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Growing up in a big family, the youngest of nine, I learned very early how to work as part of a team. When I was old enough to know what money was, I realized that we did not have much to keep us going. My dad worked three jobs to keep the family fed and clothed. He was a hardworking man and a shining example of how I wanted to be.


As a young boy, I spent much of my time at my grandparent’s house. Their guidance and my dad’s example taught me the value of hard work and earning an income. Grandma would talk to me about the importance of saving money and about spending money properly.


While attempting to build wealth, I put my money into an IRA, 401K, and purchased stocks and options. I learned the hard way that taxes and fees would take most all the growth in my investments, and I found that the studying of stocks and options in order to make money can be very tedious…especially when the dollar is devalued and the markets are in decline. I soon found that taxes, fees, market volatility and not being able to accurately predict the market were thwarting my attempts to build wealth.


Learning about the Perpetual Wealth Code™ and the value of using Participating Whole Life Insurance was a turning point in my finances. Finally, I was able to realize tax free gains to build wealth and the Legacy that I will be proud to leave for my family.


Serving in the Navy for 25 years, both in submarine service and as a SEAL, and being a Certified Flight Instructor, I am used to helping others and guiding them through critical maneuvers. My resolve and determination to assist people to safety and well-being transfers to being a Team Member at Life Benefits. I love to mentor successful people to become financially independent through the application of the Perpetual Wealth Code™.


My wife, Cissy, and I have two sons, Phillip and Andrew. I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family, mentoring my sons and their friends, traveling the world, sightseeing, reading, learning, teaching and golfing.